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Using some of my own presets for the Moog One I've created a bank of one shot samples.

All in stereo at 24/48kz

All Samples are royaltee free for you to use as you please.

Moog One Shot Sample Pack Categories:


30 Chords Stabs from preset I Dream Of Organic Sheep (Maj7 and min7)

5   SFX City 17  a weird doom sound

3  SFX Cosmic Wolf

9   SFX. Cosmos  a future retro hit

4   SFX Crater  a very sci-fi sound

9   FM bells

9   FM Percs

4   SFX Hostil  from Hostile to life Preset

5   House bass hits

6   Snare like sounds

10  I forgot how  a weird SFX

4   SFX.  Is There Verb

31  Kick drums from long to hi pitch

15   Metallic  Perc Hits

2   PTSD SFX Long and evolving

4   SFX Stasis again a retro futuristic sound

1   Windy Punch

One Shot Sample Bank vol.1 Moog ONE

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